Numerous Branches

Prompt Response

Good Outcome

Cost Saving

To Experience Andun One-Stop Service With Them

Tencent Law Department

Andun controls the quality of cases, dispatches professionals to seek justice for Tencent.

Xiaomi Law Department

Andun is an invisible shield and net to block any counterfeit.

Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf

Nationwide counterfeits, long-term litigations, high legal costs, none causes Andun any trouble.


From gathering threads to fixing evidences, from litigating for damages to enforcing judgements, the services provided by Andun are visualized and standardized.


Andun provides visualized service and the platform is very convenient to use.


Andun decreases our communication cost and saves input to take action.


Andun has advanced infringement monitoring mechanism which provides long-term infringement and counterfeits clues for enterprises.


Andun provides efficient operation with real-time communication and prompt feedback with our customers.


Andun provides professional proposal for brand protection. They are the brand protector for us.


Andun's innovative service keeps enterprises informed and is trustworthy to protect innovative technology.

Sun Shine

Andun is today's leading pioneer in legal services with outstanding power in fighting against counterfeits.


Andun has nationwide coverage to fully support our legal actions. Andun is the expert for animation copyright protection.

Flowchart of Andun Platform for IP Protection

Four Difficulties of Traditional Methods

Andun Innovative One-Stop Service

Hard to Find Out Infringement

High Cost to Take Action

Nontransparent Service

Poor Outcome

Investigation With Detectives: Tracking To Source Through Data Analysis

Litigation Financing: We'll Pay For Your Legal Fees

Platform Supervision: Visualized Service

Comprehensive Regulation: AStrong Strike Wtih Civil and Criminal Action

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